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Culture, sports and leisure

​​Hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities has always been important to the people of Trysil. The deep forests and beautiful nature still has a major influence on us. In many ways you can say that our identity has been formed by the forests, resulting in strong traditions of poetry, literature, art, music, sports and outdoor recreation. A variety of different organizations ensure that you can participate in a broad range of cultural activities, sports, outdoor recreation and other leisure activities, no matter what ambition level you might have.

Trysil is a medium sized municipality as for the number of people. Nevertheless, shopping opportunities are quite good. The town of Trysil offers all kinds of shops and stores:  Groceries, sport’s equipment, clothing, interiors, furniture, hairdressers, gas, liqueur and wine, electric products, optician, jewellery, fitness/gym, beauty products, massage treatment and a lot more.

Most people find interesting or fun leisure activities in Trysil. We like to put it this way: “Trysil has plenty of room for you to play.”

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