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Where to work

Trysil offers a variety of different jobs, both academic and practical.

The Municipality of Trysil is Trysil’s single largest employer, with a lot of employees within education, child care and public health services. The private sector offers jobs within tourism, shopping enterprises, construction, industry, forestry, agriculture and more.

For links to job ads, see the right side menu. Other places to find job ads are Trysilposten and the local newspapers: Østlendingen, Lokalavisa i Sør-Østerdal and Hamar Arbeiderblad. Often the most effective way of getting a job is to talk directly to the Head of Staff at the place where you would like to apply for a job.

Some people in Trysil work in the neighbouring municipalities of Elverum and Åmot (Rena), where you find large employers like Hedmark University College, The Norwegian Armed Forces and Innlandet Hospital Trust. From “Trysil sentrum” (the town of Trysil), it takes approximately 50 minutes to Elverum and 1 hour to Rena.

Would you like to take your business with you and settle down in Trysil? In that case, you’re not alone. Recent years, several people have brought their companies to Trysil, from handymen to consultants. Companies in Trysil profit on being close to Oslo and Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL), the airport only 2 hours away by car or bus.

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