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Welcome to Trysil

Trysil is situated in the province of Hedmark in the south-eastern part of Norway. Northern Light in Trysil

Contact information

The Municipality of Trysil:
Adress: Storvegen 5, NO-2420 Trysil
Phone: +47 6245 77 00
Fax: +47 21 55 76 11
Post adress: Postbox 200, NO-2421 Trysil, Norway 


Trysil covers 3 015 sq km. There are about 6 650 inhabitants. 2 inhabitants per sq km - we have lots of space! We also offers:  
  • clean air and fresh water 
  • friendly nature and people 
  • short distance to the rest of the world 
  • a safe an active childhood 
  • a different way of living  

The heart of Scandinavia

We like to say that Trysil is located in the heart of Scandinavia. Driving a car from the centre of Trysil you reach:
  • the Swedish border in 30 minutes
  • the city of Elverum in 50 minutes
  • the international air port Oslo Airport Gardermoen in less than 2 hours
  • Oslo, the capital of Norway, in 2,5 hours



Photo: Timothy Boocock, StarHuntingTrysil.com


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